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Dreams of sleeping

Udgivet 18/08 - 2016
Getting rather sick of this stupid sleeplesness. If it were just sometimes or for a short while, I'd be fine with it really. Or maybe only sligthly annoyed.. But this is just ridiculous. The ladt couple of weeks, it's gone way worse. I've always had a hard time falling asleep, but now I seriously wait the whole night, tossing and turning, watching and waiting for nothing to happen. The other night, I went to bed around 2am, and fell asleep somewhere around 7am. Tonight it was midnight, when I turned of the light, and here I am - awake. To be fair I think I had like half an hour of sleep, which I know because I remember dreaming.

That's another thing. My dreams are getting strange and scary. Not nightmare-scary, but realistic-scary. They're always about boring normal day stuff, like looking in the fridge or hving a conversation with someone. But they're simply so realistic that in the morning I don't really know if they're reality or dreams. Horribly annoying and embarrising and confusing, as I often am cathed reacting to the dreams by asking family or friends about stuff related to things that happened in a dream - like, calling a friend to appoligize for a fight, or try to continue same conversation that never happened.

Don't really know what is up with that.
But this is just super great. I'm getting up in about 3 hrs for a birthday breakfast for my mum. And I truly doubt that I'll be able to get more than one hour of sleep. Especially now that my kitty just jumped up my stairs, purring and calling and obviously wanting some attention - and try to sleep on me, preferably on my face or tummy. But it's honestly just too adorable to get annoyed by. NOT like the douche walking down the street while whistling loudly..

And for the record, I apologize for spelling errors, since I get a tiny bit annoyed of smart-asses, reading just to find some stupid typing error, so that they can 'put me in my place' n feel better about themselves. I'm simply writing on my phone, typing to quickly and there'll be mistakes. Cheers :)
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Kommentering er er ikke muligt, da du ikke er logget ind.

Jeg kender følelsen af ikke at kunne sove. For mig sker det ved at tankerne begynder at flyve rundt i hovedet på en måde som ingen ro giver. Gode tanker, triste tanker, vrede tanker, opstemte tanker, sjove tanker, forvirrede tanker. Et stort virvar der fratager søvnen og gør dagene tågede og trætte. I det mindste husker jeg aldrig mine drømme.

Jeg ville ønske jeg kunne hjælpe med søvnen. Men det går sgu nok udover min formåen. Jeg håber søvnen rammer dig snart og regelmæssigt. Cheers!


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