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In love?

Udgivet 15/08 - 2009Opdateret 15/08 - 20092009-08-15

To be in love??.. it's a pain-maker, in the start it's all feel fine and you are happy..

but in the end, it's end up whit so much pain than you ever feel..

So for me.. Love is dead.. i will give it a chance again sure.. but i'm have very hard to belive ppl again.. Pain and love?.. hmm.. there is'nt much between them.. you are liveing it..

there are so meny ppl there say they love others whitout mening it?, and they i hate.. you know by you self if you are one of them?.. But i porimis i will never lie about my love and about who i love.. For love.. real love, is the most importen thing in the world..

i know that.. have allways knowed it.. i have just met the wong ppl.. they all used my feelings to they own good.. but.. enyrace..

Love?.. Love is a sickness deep down in you heart.. it's just wating for a good chance to break you heart.. And you sprit.. If you are really unlucky, you can get blind in love..

And so.. it will hurt.. very much.. i was blind in love..

So please don't be so stupit as me?!..


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Kommentering er er ikke muligt, da du ikke er logget ind.

Jeg ved hva du mener.. Love is dead.. Jeg har været ligeså blind i en forelskelse, som dig.. Aww.. Kærlighed er som en.. Sygdom.. Af en slags..
Love, happiness, luck, success .. It’s all just illusions to make us think we’re worth something.


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