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just kill it! T.T

Udgivet 21/04 - 2009Opdateret 21/04 - 20092009-04-21

I hate the darkness, it fills upeverything in my head..
In the middle of the night i panic, i wanna scream, but i cant..!
I start hyperventilating!
I cant think!
Stop it, turn on the lights and let me be normal.
It's killing me!
I know that i'm crazy, i know that i shouldn't be here...
For a couple of weeks ago i was still cutter, but nobody saw it, because nobody sees me.

im invisible... please see me, scream to me!
see the ghosts, i sleep through the nightmares.
i know that if nobody screams to me, wakes me up, then this will be the end, and i will be somewhere else..!
i'm getting more and more crazy, my brain is going under, but nobody exept me knows.
i have my secrets... i have many secrets, about many things...

please scream to me... somebody?

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