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Udgivet 09/09 - 2009Opdateret 09/09 - 20092009-09-09

Do you know that feeling of a dream come true..

Wonderful feeling of happiness..

You feel you can do enythink..

But then you wake up... you are in the middle of you worst nightmare..

Everyone is killing!!.. Even more is Dying!!.. You have blood on your hands.. In some way we all have...

It's Madness!...

Go try to chance the world!..

but you most realize it's impossible to chance.. You are walking around in a dream..

You just have to wake up!...

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Kommentering er er ikke muligt, da du ikke er logget ind.

Den er faktisk ret fed dén der :D
mega fed og rigtig ville gerne vågne fra den verden vi lever i :)


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