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Udgivet 21/11 - 2011

I love to lie in the sunlight.

Listening to the wind when it’s whispering with the trees.

Feeling the grass, with my bare feet and desire the blue sky.

Smelling the sweet scent of the flowers surrounding me.

Dreaming to spread my wings and fly high above the cool clouds.

Embracing myself and loving to be a part of this wonderful world!

A Tear falls filled with the warm and happiness I’m feeling <3

Thank you for letting me embrace this moment!

Not having to worry about the everyday stress and hate.

This is where I wanna live.

This is where I wanna die and this is where I wanna be reborn.

I could stay here forever. Becoming one with nature. This is so pure.

So pure. My heart is on the edge of bursting of happiness and love.

I’m grateful. I wanna share this with the world!

I’m gonna try my best, starting with a smile.


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Miss Kitty:
Vær aldrig sur! - Du ved aldrig hvem der forelsker sig i dit smil :’)

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