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My Flower

Udgivet 27/05 - 2016
I am not a man of wealth
Not one of high standards
I can’t give you everything you want
But I promise I will try

Like a flower, so fragile
You stand at the side of the road
spreading your beauty so humbly
Takes some time to even realize
That you stand there, so flowery

But now that I have opened my eyes to you
I can’t ever close them again
For no matter how simple you may be
You are nothing like that to me

If I could give it all away
I would make that night last forever
Like a star skipping across the night sky
I can’t help but to feel this way

Truth is, I can’t give you all
But I’ll give you all I have
To make sure you never stop smiling
For I can’t help to get the feeling
That without you my arms are empty
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