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My Library

Udgivet 27/05 - 2016
I take a calm stroll
Through the hallways of my library
The lighting is dim
And the shelves dusty
But it doesn't matter
For this library is mine
I walk past shelf upon shelf
Filled with books upon books
Sometimes I think it never ends
I find myself lost
In the labyrinth of shelves
By the mountains of books piling
And then I start cleaning
Organizing all the books
One by one I place them on their shelves
Running through the maze to find their spots
But just as I think I find it
I stumble upon a new book
That needs a new place
And the hunt begins again
A new book, a new place
My library may appear small
But on the inside it is big
It is several flores high
Several flores deep
If you stand at it's center
You will see up through it all
Up to the ceiling of my library
Up where the light of the window enters
It's old and dirty
But no matter what
I will always belong to my library
And my task
To clean up all this mess
To organize it all
Will take long
For each time I think I am done
And ready to open the doors
So that others may see my wonder
A new pile of books appear
So people ask me why
Why I spend so much time here
Why I bother
But in reality
Why would you not keep yours?
We all have to manage our library
At one point or another.
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