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My Pain..

Udgivet 15/08 - 2009Opdateret 15/08 - 20092009-08-15

My mind is full of pain.. i have pain inside and outside...

I have pain inside of my mind.. i think some one is testing me.. Why shoud i not just take the knife and pass thourgh??.. Ohh yaa right.. what about all my friends, and all them i called friends.. but they never was.. And what about my famlly?.. hmm.. What famlly???.. my dad is dead and gone and have been it for a while.. my sister is allways out, out in live.. and my mom?.. I don't wanna talk about her..

My pain? .. My pain is big.. maby you can't see it? maby you can? but what ever.. i have meny there wanna help and meny i talk about the things whit.. so don't say i'm not trying.. but it's hard! i don't things it helps..

I have pain right now.. and it's makes me think over the life, and over why the fuck am i here?!.. and why the fuck the life means so much?.. the life means somethink, to them there use it well?.. i used to use it well.. but i have met to meny assholes, there just wanted to bring me down.. and they have won.. now i'm down.. very long down..

I don't feel enythink?.. I don't feel then it's cold?.. I don't feel then i'm sad?.. The only feeling i have is pain.. I can feel others feelings but not my own.. they are gone..

SO PLEASE, If you ever feel down over enythink!? talk them out from the beginning?! or you end up like me.. and maby waser.. and you hater guys? don't think i'm doing this for help.. i'm doing it for helping your guys there reading this..

Sorry i'm just emo inside..

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