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Niall Horan Imagine Nial James Horan Imagine

Udgivet 17/09 - 2013

Imagine Niall Horan

You are going to a One Direction Concert in the O2 Centre in London, with your 2 great friends Jeppe and Charlotte. You all have saved up for this concert for over a year. The concert was tomorrow. You and your friends were going out to get something to eat, so you decided to go in Nandos and something to eat there. There were 2 people in front of you in the line, you could hear that one of them wasnt speaking British but Irish, youve always loved the British langrage but the Irish was your favorite. The Irish guy got his food and was almost walking into you, but he stepped on your foot instead. “AV!  That hurt he was looking up and stopped and said oh, Im so sorry. Umm Nathalie, my name is Nathalie You didnt see that it was

Niall from One Direction until you looked him in the eyes “Im so sorry Nathalie, what can I do for you? First you can remove your foot he looked down and saw that he was still standing on your foot, and then he removed his foot. He was blushing, and then a tall guy came over and said “Niall, stop flirting! Im not flirting with her then he was looking at your friend that was nodding. Okay I was maybe flirting a tiny bit. Just give her some backstage pass for tomorrow then youll see her again Niall was giving you 3 VIP-tickets for the concert. “Thank you Niall and Harry, see you tomorrow Your welcome Love after they was gone, you and your friends was fangirling like a hell lot. You couldnt sleep that night, you were only thinking about Nialls per-fect blue eyes and the smell of his aftershave. Charlotte was sleeping like a baby, she was snoring very loud! The day was come, the concert was today. You is going to see Niall and the lads, you didnt know how you is going to react to meeting all of the boys at the same time “I think that Ill pass out in there No youre not Jeppe, its going to be fine, they are not going to eat you or something You were talking at the hotel for some hours and now there was 3 hours until the concert. You all are getting ready for the concert; you got out the O2 Centre. “Im nervous Just take a deep breath, then its going to be all right you took a long deep breath and smiled. You got over to the very tall men at a door you showed them youre backstage passes and you got backstage. You saw Niall and started smiling like a crazy person and walked over to him and started to talk. And Jeppe did pass out, but Liam was there to save him and lay him on a couch “who let this person in? Harry? It wasnt me Liam It was Niall You were looking at Liam “Sorry it was not the plan that he was going to pass out Thats okay. Friends of Niall are friends of me. You just looked at Jeppe and thought why are you doing that to me? You looked at Niall and he was just smiling and he was giving you a note and told you “dont open it yet, wait to open it after the concert you looked at him and whispered okay yes and went out of the door you went in at. Jeppe got carried out by a guard. Charlotte was just standing in the middle of the room looking at nothing; Harry took her by the shoulder and whispered “follow your friend after the concert. Okay Ill do that she didnt do anything she just walked out of the door. Jeppe woke up a few moments after the door closed behind them. You found your seats and sat down. The boys started the concert and you all enjoyed the concert, right after they sang “what makes you beautiful Niall pointed at you and then pointed at his pocked. You remember the note he gave you backstage, you opened it and there was written meet me at Nandos on 20 minutes You were smiling and Charlotte was looking at the note Jeppe is it okay that you have to go alone to the hotel? yes, but where are you going? you were looking at charlotte and told Jeppe we are feeling a little hungry, so we are going to get something to eat. He just looked at you smiling, and walked away. You looked at Charlotte and said we have 15 minutes to get to Nandos! yeah I know and thats why I have a cab waiting outside. You got out of the cab and walked inside, there wasnt a soul there not even in the back. You looked around and then you hear the doors open and you see all the boys and Jeppe in the back. You saw Niall and started smiling again and he was doing the same. Harry went over to Charlotte and gave her a hug and Jeppe didnt pass out this time he was talking with Louis, Liam was just standing there with Zayn. Weeks have gone by and Niall and you are still talking together and he is coming to your home town for your 18th birthday in January, Charlotte and Harry started to date and Jeppe and Louis became best friends.


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