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Normal day turns horrifying

Udgivet 02/03 - 2016

You decide to go to the grocery store and pick up stuff for dinner. You get home and start dinner to surprise your sweetheart and finish it feeling proud of yourself. Your sweetheart gets home and they are all surprised that you did this and tells you that it smells great and that they can't wait to eat. You both set down to eat and dig-in. You both finish ten minutes later and feel stuffed. After about five minutes you both don't feel that good and only seconds after saying this to your sweetheart they violently throw up and you follow suit seconds later as the feeling hit you like a train. you go to the kitchen to find out what in the food you made is causing both of you this sickness and scan the ingredients you used as you left them out.
As you scan you realize in one horrifying second what happened. You had accidentally used powdered rodent poison instead of garlic powder because the containers were both next to each other and felt the exact same when you grabbed them. You rush to the phone, throwing up on the way, and manage to call 9-11. As the ambulance arrives you grab your now unconscious sweetheart and stumble outside, barely awake or able to stand.
You both get rushed to the hospital and get urgent care. You wake up in the hospital remembering that the last thing that you did was stumble to the ambulance and passed out as you got to the doors.
A doctor walks by your door and notices that you're awake. They walk in and tell you that you've been out for a week and that you had severe poisoning and that you had nerve damage and. You ask where your sweetheart is and if they're fine. After you ask the doctors face sinks and they tell you that your sweetheart got more of the poison than you and they're dead.
You get released after being declared in good health. You go home, lie on your couch and just lie there not caring about anything anymore because your sweetheart died and you're never going to see them again and you blame yourself.

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