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Thank you Truth about the people in your life.

Udgivet 17/04 - 2012

Is life worth living if you're always scared of the things you can't see?
- Life can be long, life can be short. No matter what, make the best out of it.
Some day, the hidden things will come take you away - Make sure you've lived life!
- Thank the people who helped you through hard times - Or helped you live you life the best.
The one who taught you to speak english, even if she was a bitch back then.
The ones who taught you about the love in nature, one gone, and you don't know how long she will stay here.
The one who taught you about happiness in other cultures, even if she's hardly there.
The one who helped you finding out how special you are, and how real love is like - even if he can be an asshole, and make a whole day shitty.
The one who's always there to help, and who can make the day better just by giving you a hug.
The one who showed you the love in something you can't see, but hear. Who helped you finding out how this piece inside you becomes happy and relaxed by making these sounds yourself. So many diffrent sounds in just ONE string that you play on the guitar, letting go of your voice, even if you can't sing, and letting your fingers cross over the piano without even looking where they are - This is love, this is happiness. For ME.
So I want to thank all the people, who are helping me through life, and who are showing me different types of love, and how to do these things that make your life so goddamn much better.
Thank you Bente Wind, who taught me to say what I feel in a language, that in some crazy way talks to my heart. Thank you grandpa', who I lost to cancer, but made me stronger. And grandma', who're always there, and who make me understand that inside me, there's a connection to nature, who can make me relax in my self. Thank you grandma', who's not always there, but who know how to make me understand small, speciel things, and how other people is much like yourself, even if they're living on the other side of earth. Thank you Martin, my first love, who can make me breath and start over, just by kissing me, and telling me that everything is okay. Who taught me about real love. Thank you Denitaa, who is always there for me, no matter what I do wrong. Who can make my day better with a hug, and who can stand listening to me talk for hours. Sometimes, you just need someone to listen. And thank you grandpa', for showing me the love in music, and helping me connecting with the music in myself - in my heart. I don't know if you are going to live or die, I don't know ANYTHING. But I know, that somehow, you helped me to find out how to become.. ME.
Remember to thank the people in your life.
Before you know of it - They're gone

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