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The wolf

Udgivet 27/05 - 2016
No matter what cover I put on, a wolf I will always be.
If only I could make you see.
A hunter, a predator, a beast..
Dangerous and fierce to say the least.
The wild calls my name
Never will I be tame.
The blood rushes through my wild veins
I belong to the great plains.
Wicked, evil and without a pack
calculating the angle of attack.
I am not to be trusted
I cannot be adjusted.
My bites brings you a stinging pain
you’re in my way, you’ll be slain.
Blood, flesh, meat
it’s all that I eat.
If you’re smart you’d flee
Perhaps you shall be my escapee?
Wolf is my name, a wolf I will always be
can anyone ever tame me?


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