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What is life?

Udgivet 03/11 - 2013

Into the wild


Sandra, her last thoughts. From the magic-bus.


Today I have been on this world for quite some time. Living with, and in the wild, trying to survive. I have experienced a path of happiness. I have experienced life.

Not life, as an illusion. But life, as the truth. Many do not get to see the real truth about what life means, brings and gives. I got lucky. I starred the truth right into its eyes, the moment I realised; my name is the same, no matter how long I try to run away from it. A name does not define me. No matter if I am Supertramp or McCandless or any other name, I am me. I am what I have experienced.

I am over the starving point. Skin and bone, is my body. Weak, and partly paralized. The food I ate, was poisiness, or probably the food I didn't eat..

A human makes mistakes. I did. And I do not regret it. I am now slowly dying.

As I am writing my last words, I cannot think off any suitable quote. Life cannot be said in one quote, so simple is that. You have to experience life, not quote it. It has never been hard for me to write my deepest thoughts and feelings. I thought I knew what life was about. But as I can feel my end is getting near, I am getting more and more empty for words. I lived life as I wanted.


I will die soon. God is reaching out for me. I have forgiven myself and loved myself. I am ready to let go, of this world, of beauty.


If you want something in life, reach out and grab it. You never know what life gives you”


As I am breathing my very last breaths I realise; happiness is only real when shared.




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