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Why legalize hemp? I do not claim to posses THE truth, this is simply my opinions and beliefs on the subject.

Udgivet 11/07 - 2016

Cannabis sativa (hemp) is a wonderful plant, closely related to Humulus lupulus (hops). It is a super adaptive plant, that can thrive in pretty much any climate. The seeds from Cannabis is what's know as a so called ”super food”, this is because they are rich on pretty much all the nutrients necessary for the human body to thrive. Unfortunately the plant is illegal to cultivate in most countries. Yet some countries, and states in the USA, are further along when it comes to legalizing this wonderful plant.

Besides the delicious and super healthy seeds, Cannabis also has great medical potential. It has been shown to have an effect on a long list of illnesses, such as depression, psychosis, eating disorders, pain in general, different types of dependency and so on. Yes, the list is long, so here is a link for you: http://unitedpatientsgroup.com/resources/illnesses-treatable
That the list is so long, is due to the great variety of cannabinoids found in different strains of the plant.

As if all this wasn't enough, it's also good for the soil it is cultivated in.

And since I am on the topic of Cannabis, and why it such a wonderful plant, why not kill a few myths related to it?

Myth #1: Cannabis is a so called “gateway-drug”. It goes without saying, when you look at the percentages of people who have tried Cannabis. If it really was a gateway-drug, we would be a nation full of hardcore junkies by now. What might make Cannabis seem like a gateway-drug is probably more about the laws surrounding the subject. Because of its legal status it is being sold by criminal organizations. Organizations who will more often than not offer a variety of other more dangerous substances.

Myth #2: Cannabis is very addictive. First and foremost I'm not denying that one can develop an addiction to Cannabis, as one can do with a lot of things. But the potential for addiction with Cannabis is nothing near as great as they'd have you believe. In fact, alcohol and cigarettes have a much greater potential for spawning addiction in a user, yet we don't see the law suggest prohibition for any of these substances.

Myth #3: Cannabis causes cancer! Wrong again. In fact new studies have shown quite the opposite. I don't want to go in depth with this right here. But I will recommend a simple google search, there's a lot to read on the subject.

There are more myths, and I could go on with this article till the late night. But I think I have said what I wanted to say here. Do you wish to learn more, and go into greater detail on the subject? There are tons of material out there on the internet.

Do your own research, make up your own damn mind. ;)

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